The Prophets of Baal

If you love that old detective genre classic the English country house murder, well here's a new twist for you! Naïve young private investigator Toby Le Tocq is soon all at sea in more ways than one when he takes a casual interest in a two hundred year old case. Locals are strangely divided. Some want to drive him away, whilst two beautiful and aristocratic women compete for his affections. But is it really just blind luck? In the blood of the two rivals flows an ancient power of sorcery. When Toby falls for the younger witch he is enmeshed in a web of intrigue, crime and revenge. Behind it all is the battle for control of a vast demonic power. If the girl he loves is to be saved from death, Toby faces not just a struggle to understand the occult but an ancient battle for supremacy that somehow he cannot help believing he has fought before. And unknown to Toby, both sides have picked him to play a leading role in the latest round! 

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31st January 2017

Unbound II - Changed Worlds

The Unbound Anthologies are a collection of short themed stories perfect for your reading pleasure. Every year we open a call to authors around the world challenging them to create new works of fiction, pick the best ones, and bundle them together for you.
This edition, our authors received the challenge of “Changed Worlds” in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre. 
Recompose - Autumn 2016

Ritualistic Pompadour

When we say something is literary we’re actually saying several things. We are saying the story is grounded or ‘normal’ in a way that is recognizable to us. We are not surprised by the intervention of either science or magic. If someone told us this story about themselves, we could believe them.

We’re also talking about what the story lacks – usually elements we expect in other genres, like rocketships or aliens or princesses or fairies. What we are not talking about is the quality of the writing, the emotional power of the story, or the poetics of the language. I find stories about princesses rescued from dragons rather cliché, but I feel the same way about dissatisfied English professors who fall in love with their students. I’ve seen both these stories before, and I am sick of them. However, my ability to love even these cliché ideas lies in the language, the characters, and the craft.

 Beyond that, I want a story that fearlessly marches towards the boundaries of the genre and never feels the need to reassure me that it belongs to one or the other. What does that look like? To me it looks a lot like Moby Dick, a story which is infused with magic and yet the magic is never overtly discussed. It is as evident as the ocean. Ishmael never bothers to explain the ocean. We all know it’s there.

It's Come To Our Attention

20 February 2016

It's Come to Our Attention" from Third Flatiron Anthologies contains imaginative speculative fiction short stories about things that could be happening quietly, without a lot of fanfare, but which could still be extremely significant or make a big difference.

Fourteen international authors come together in "It's Come to Our Attention" from Third Flatiron Anthologies. Their stories scratch below the surface to unearth a world of hidden gems:

Visit a landfill to hear some real trash talk. Tag along with an alien agent here to save the earth from his hideout in the insane
asylum. Bust a conspiracy to change the climate via mind control. Form an unhealthy attachment to your radio. Go down to the basement even though we told you not to. Decide on the pros and cons of  immortality. Tell a librarian she would look beautiful without her glasses. Find outwhat's at the bottom of the wishing well (besides coins). Indulge in a little illegal but highly satisfying genetic tinkering. Acknowledge the debt we all owe to French culture.

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Chilling Ghost Short Stories (Gothic Fantasy) 

Hardcover – Special Edition, 30 Sep 2015

A deluxe edition with a chilling selection of original and classic short stories. The new tales, many of them published here for the first time, are written by today's top authors, and they bring a modern twist to the outstanding mix of intrigue that lurks in the furtive imagination of E.F. Benson, Henry James, Wilkie Collins, Washington Irving , Edith Wharton, Oscar Wilde, and so many more within this outstanding collection.  And of course Philip Brian Hall.

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The Sockdolager: Spring 2015 

3 Mar. 2015

Robots, unicorns, showdowns, sentient spaceships and post-apocalyptic libraries, all in the first issue of THE SOCKDOLAGER! This collection of science fiction & fantasy contains dight stories eight tales of strange adventure—but not in a stupid way. In a fun, beautiful, eerie, wonderful way. And you don't have to take my word for it.

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